Hi guys, welcome back to my blog. 
I wanted to do another style post because they are one of my favourite things write and I love the creative process involved. All of the items I have used in this post have all been well worn already. I am trying to be mindful as a consumer on what exactly I am consuming. Ever since I researched and wrote about fast fashion I can't help but think about it when looking for something new to buy. 
I hope you enjoy how I have styled my mom jeans. I have worn/ would wear each of these outfits if I am chilling at home or going out. 
I wanted to add in here my key pieces of jewelry. I am always wearing my rings, watch and elephant necklace. The only costume jewlery I really buy into is earrings and I have become quite obbsessed with them recently! 

One of my favourite things to wear my jeans with is with a soft casual top. In reality it is just comfy and looks slouchy too. 

This one probably has to be my favourite outfit of all. Red is my favourite colour to wear and my red leather jacket makes me soo happpppy. I have styled my jeans with a white shirt which I have tied together and then layered with my red leather jacket. I love these colours together and when going out would wear with red flat pumps.

Taking it back to be being casual I have paired my jeans with this NastyGal graphic top. I love The Breakfast Club so when I saw the characters on a t-shirt I thought that as I don't already own a graphic tee I would get this one. Surprisingly it has lasted around 10  washes so far and still looks like it did when I first bought it before christmas. Again, I just love these colours together and the graphics make it that little bit more intersting than a plain pink tee.

For my last outfit I thought back to what I would wear in summer and made it a bit more English-weather Winter/ Spring appropriate. I would normally wear this with my blue denim mom shorts. My favourite summer top which I bought around 4 years ago from Topshop is still serving me well and layered up with my denim shirt I think this outfit looks really cool especially with the double denim.

I added in some leopard print earrings to add a little extra to the outfit.

I also just wanted to add that this is what I normally wear on a Sunday!😂 (Which is when I shot this.) Straight into comfy clothes and chilling in bed.

Thanks for reading my post! Leave a comment and let know what you think!❤️



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