Hi guys.
I thought I would do another blog post to keep me busy. I really enjoy writing and photography so doing this brings me so much personal enjoymentšŸ˜‚ Since my last makeup post a lot has changed including the colour of my hair! Having dark hair now means I need darker foundation and LOTS and LOTS of bronzer to stop me looking as aenemic as possible. 
I currently work Monday to Friday in a job I don't wear any makeup to mainly because I'd have sweated it off by lunchtime. The weekends, therefore, are when I can paint my face and practice with new products. 
I decided to go cruelty-free in around January time. Since then I have only bought from cruelty-free brands for makeup and skincare, however, I have decided to use up all of my old makeup first. (Because I wear makeup irregularly my old products are taking their time to run out.)
My skin is VERY dry and VERY spot prone at the moment which I am trying to combat with a better diet, more exercise and quite frankly, just taking better care of myself. 
I hope you enjoy this post!

I have been using 'The Ordinary' for a couple of weeks now and it's quite honestly AMAZING! I would say that it is definitely worth the hype it has around it. I also use a Nivea lip balm before doing my makeup too.

Please, can we also discuss and then ignore how dark my under eyes are!! I don't know why but they have never been this bad and I honestly look like I've been on crack :)))

A massive amount under my eyes for obvious reasons xoxo

I use Rimmel's Lasting Finish foundation which
produces a good amount of coverage for my skin. I don't like having an overally heavy coverage as my skin ends up reacting to it. This one is light and easily buildable which I really enjoy in a foundation. I use (lots of,) the anti-age concealer around my eyes and on any spots too. I love this concealer however it runs out SO quickly! (But I probably use too much hehe.)

I bake my face with Revolution's setting powder. This is SO good for setting make-up if you have oily skin like mine. One downside, however, is that you really have to buff the bronzer in to make sure there aren't any white lines anywhere on your face. I contour with my Hula bronzer around my cheekbones to add some more definition. I got given this from part of a Glossier box and it works really well on my skin tone.

I then add some blush, (Aphrodisiac from Bare Minerals,) and highlight, (MUA.) 

I like to keep it light and simple when it comes to eye makeup. I use this Zoeva palette which I found for £5, (£5!!!!) in Selfridges this Christmas and the pigmentation of the gold glitter is literally so satisfying. My technique as you may be able to tell is to basically cover my eyes in as much glitter as possible to hide the dark circles.

I fill my eyebrows in with my favourite brow pomade from NYX. My eyebrows have started to thin out recently so they're in desperate need of a tint. I brush them through and add some clear brow gel. 

Mascara is my favourite part when doing my make-up hence why I leave it till last. My lashes are quite sparse and stumpy aswell so I have to add a couple of layers of whichever brand I use.

Yesterday, I washed and straightened my hair. I normally brush my hair wet and dry it out straight as my natural curl comes through. I have already added in some hair oil for shine and heat protector as I plan to curl it for today.

I actually detest the smell of this dry shampoo hence the face. It is however so good at making your hair look clean and fresh as well as being half the price of other big brands of dry shampoo. I always add some into my roots for a bit of volume and hold for the curls.

I use a thick curler for more bouncy looking curls which also look very natural when they fall out. 

It takes me about 10 minutes to curl all of my hair. Sometimes I add in some hair mousse to keep the curl or just leave them to naturally fall out. 
I hope you enjoyed this post! Please comment below what you would like to see next❤️



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