Life Update: Moving Out of Home and Moving Into Uni

So, the time has come for me to finally move out of home and start a brand new and exciting adventure at uni. As I write this I am staring at boxes and bags, the contents of my room all stuffed into suitcases. Everything I could ever possibly need is here, including half of my parents kitchen and their slow cooker.

I can't quite express how I feel about finally moving out. Given that this time last year I wasn't even going to go to university, I think I have made some pretty big and important life decisions. Leaving home behind to start a fresh is exciting though. I have friends spreading across the whole of the UK, traveling to different countries and friends staying here at home. New adventures are to be had with new friends and I can't help but look optimistically at that.

Some of my main concerns for uni are:

1. Food. I am a good cook and can make an array of dishes to an edible standard, however, actually making these and sitting down to eat them is normally the issue for me.

2. Friends. I am shy and anxious when it comes to meting new people which has held me back in a few situations before. I know I need to put myself out there and make myself known which I know I will struggle at to begin with.

3. Missing home and missing friends. This comes as a bit of a given really. I am also a worrier, give me a problem and I will worry about it for you. I know I will miss everyone so much but I also know that this is part of the process and that by pushing myself out of my very small comfort zone will be nothing but beneficial to myself.

4. Missing Jack!!! How could you not?

I have created a 'Uni' section on here to categorize everything so it is easy to find. I will be uploading posts about uni, advice, my course and exciting new things along the way. I hope you enjoy! 

Megan x


  1. Moving out isn't easy. I moved out from my parents when I got married and I think I cried a few nights because I missed seeing them. It's now been over 2yrs and I've finally gotten used to not seeing family every week. I guess it's all about keeping in contact and having a good relationship. Good luck at Uni.
    Rachael | Rachael Latchman Diaries


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