SKIN CARE: My Favourites

Hey guys! 
Here are some of my skincare favorites which I have been loving recently. I love to treat my skin whether it's with face masks, oils, or even gentle makeup remover. I use all of these products on my oily/ combination skin and none of them irritate or react with my skin.
You might also realize that some of these products aren't English. My lovely sister brought me back some sheet face masks from Hong Kong which I have been loving. I still can't choose whether I prefer sheet masks to liquid face masks though. 
I have linked all the products below for you to browse through and I hope you find something which looks like it might work for you.
Hope you enjoy! 
Great for:
-when you get a breakout! A tiny amount goes a long way and acts fast.
Great for:
-A glowy look on top of makeup
-Refreshing spritz throughout the day
-The end of your skincare routine
Great for:
-Making sure all the make up is off your face before washing
-Balancing oil levels within your skin
Great for:
-Dry cracked areas (perfect for dry noses in winter)
-Under eyes when they feel dry and flakey
Great for:
-Removing every bit of makeup quickly
-Leaves your skin feeling glowing and refreshed
Great for:
-Refreshing the skin
-Balancing oils
Great for:
-Replenishing your skin
-Before makeup to make it apply more smoothly
Great for:
-Dry chapped lips
-Around the nose 


  1. Ahh, love the Mario rosewater. I use it on the daily. Great favorites, thanks for sharing!

    xx, Des |

    Do you have a holy grail eye cream? I'm looking for something new to try!

    1. I love the Simple one as it's so gentle and soaks in easily. Xx

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