How I Style... Statement Bags

I used to be put off buying bright coloured bags because I was unsure of how to style them with pre-existing items in my wardrobe. Bags are such a great way to dress up or create a key feature in any type of outfit.
I will be styling this Zara bag which is a deep red. Although red isn't one of the hardest colours to style, it can be difficult to find colours which go well with the tone of this bag. This Zara bag is my favourite bag and I wear it wherever I go. The bucket style means the drawstring can be pulled and the contents of the bag are safe. As well as this, it's actually surprisingly large inside too and I have managed to use it as a beach bag on numerous occasions. 
Firstly, I have paired this bag with a green strapless top and black cullotes. Red and green compliment each other on the colour chart so this is normally where I start when thinking of what to pair certain coloured bags with. These cullotes are from Boohoo and are a surprisingly good material. They are thin enough to wear in summer yet long enough to make sure your legs don't get cold in the autumn months. My green top is from Pretty Little Thing and is one of the most comfortable tops I own, as it's material, feels much like silk. I have repurchased this top in the colours 'spice' and 'black' because it is so easy to style with a pair of jeans. 

 I have then swapped the green top for a black one. I have done this to create a whole new black outfit where my red bag is the most eye-catching feature of the outfit.  Black, however, in reality, is a difficult colour to wear as it is so easy to become washed out and look pale. To avoid this I usually pile on a bit more bronzer to my face.

I have then added a red headband to add a little something extra to the look. The red of the bag and the red of the headband really tie the outfit together. I also think it changes the vibe of the outfit too as it makes it look that bit more thought out.

Who said you can't wear a statement bag with a statement dress? (Probably no one.) This pale blue striped Zara dress goes so well with this red bag. The colours compliment each other and look amazing paired with white sandals. Zara clothes are so well made and this dress is such as sturdy fabric that I know it will last me more than just one summer. 

 For the final look, I have gone for something a bit more simple and that can be worn every day. Blue shorts and a black top is a classic and also go well with the red bag even though there are 3 different colours. This look is casual and ties in nicely with the summer weather.
Hope you have enjoyed this blog post. Let me know what you think!!
Megan xx


  1. Great tips!

    Chloe x

  2. I love how you've styled this, its a beautiful bag. I'm so in love with that blue dress too!

    Elle x

  3. That red bag makes every outfit pop! You look gorgeous in every photo!
    Janet xx


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