MAKE-UP: My Everyday Makeup Routine

So I thought I'd share with you my everyday makeup routine. I know I have uploaded a summer makeup routine but I wanted to share how I apply and the order in photos. 
I hope you enjoy, I'm not a makeup artist and am aware my technique is a bit off but who cares??
Hope you enjoy! x

So, I always start by using Vaseline on my lips so they are soft and primed for whatever lip colour I use. This Vaseline is slightly tinted so acts as a lip colour too. Because today is quite hot and I am only going out to Tescos, (exciting,) I've chosen not to wear a lip colour and keep it natural. 
I then put translucent powder under my eyes. I find this cancels out my dark circles so they aren't so apparent through my foundation and concealer. I also find that this helps keep my makeup under my eyes for longer without creasing and also increases the brightness around my eyes. 
 The next step for me is to mix my foundation with the MUA foundation drops to make it darker for my skin. I use the Revlon Colourstay foundation.
 And then buff it in with the Zoeva buffing brush.
 Makeup Revolution concealer is then applied. I apply it in the corners of my eyes as 'what you blend extends' meaning that you don't need as much as you think.

 I then contour my face with the Models Own contour stick and blend it in with the Real Techniques contour buffing brush. 
'Baking' comes next for me. I add translucent powder by Makeup Revolution under my eyes to brighten them up. I normally leave it on my face for around 5 minutes and then push it into my skin using the sponge instead of brushing it away.

 To darken my face I then add bronzer all over and go in with the Hoola contour by Benefit to add a bit more definition around my nose. 

Sippy sippy 

 I then brush and fill in brows with the Mac 266 brush starting from the front making my way to the end. My brows are quite uneven so I try my best to even them out (but this rarely works...)

 Using the Hoola bronzer, I then apply this as an eyeshadow to my crease and add the W7 bronzer to my lids in order to add some sparkle.

 I then apply the MUA highlighter under my brows and onto my cheek bones.

 I then curl and add mascara to my lashes.
(I really want to try eyelash extensions but don't have a clue where to go/ how to look after them! If you know of anywhere let me know!!)
 To finish up I spritz my face with the Mario Badescu rose water for a healthy glow.

I hope you have enjoyed my makeup routine and the products I use. I really love doing my makeup in the morning for the day ahead and these products really help me feel much more confident in myself. 

Let me know what you think! 

Megan x


  1. Love the break down and that GLOW!


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