Current Go-To Items

Hey guys,
I wanted to share with you my go-to items for the summer months. I have a few beauty and skincare bits and some fashion items which I have been loving recently and I can't wait to shout about them. I find my skin changes so much throughout the year from winter to spring to summer so I switch up my makeup and skincare routine quite regularly. 

One of my favourite items this summer is this eye cream. I have quite bad lines around my eyes when I smile already (help,) so I try my best to moisture them as much as I can. Your eyes are so important and so is the skin around them. I have also noticed that this cream really helps with the application of makeup. My concealer goes on a lot smoother and blends better whenever I have used this and that really helps if you have quite dry under eyes like me. I would definitely recommend this to anyone with the same problem. 
(excuse my bruised nail)

Another item I have been loving is this moisturiser. When in Lanzarote myself and my friends bought the sets of these for our sunburnt and stinging skin. They are so cooling and gentle and have literally saved my burnt peeling skin. I am such a lover of aloe vera which contains something called proteolytic enzymes which repairs dead skin cells so these moisturisers are definitely a great addition to your skincare regime. 

I bought this because it was on sale before I went on holiday and I needed a new face wash to take with me. I have never suffered badly from acne on my face, but I am prone to the odd breakout every now and again. Around this time of the month, I expect a lot more spots than I have got and I put down the lack of spots I have right now to this face wash. Simple is such a good skincare brand and one I would recommend any day because of how gentle it is on the skin.  I didn't know they did this facewash and I wish I had picked it up earlier. Nevertheless, this gel-like face wash really refreshes the face and my skin doesn't feel as dry either. It also doesn't contain any exfoliant meaning the tan on your face lasts longer too. 
I have never been one to 'bake' my face, but I have really got into it recently! I love this white powder because not only does it contain the oil which literally bursts out my forehead, but it also makes my makeup look so much better than ever before. I suffer from dark circles under my eyes and no matter how much sleep I get or what cream I use they never go away. I have found by putting this under my eyes before concealer cancels out the darkness, then after applying foundation and concealer I then apply it again in a 'baking' fashion. I put bronzer all over my face after to make sure I don't look like Casper and I have found it has really brightened my face especially with a natural tan too. I will say, however, don't get into too many flash lit pics because I haven't mastered not getting flashback yet!
I have also been loving this MUA highlighter too!

Anyone else obsessed with Topshop's footwear recently? I got these sandals before I went away and I am in love I can't take them off!  The colours go so well with items already in my wardrobe and are great at complimenting a tan. I will say, however, because I have fat feet I had to a size up which kind of broke my heart a bit as I have got so attached to being a size 5 but hey ho.
NastyGal are good at a lot of things and they don't disappoint with their sunglasses either. Although I can't tell you how good the UV in these are, (probably shit ngl,) they definitely look cool. The square shape helps make my head look less round which is always a positive and they also really dress up any outfit which is such an easy way to elevate a look. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you have enjoyed!



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