Summer Makeup Routine

Hi guys!
Now that my exams are officially over I felt it was time to come back to blogging and actually share it beyond just myself and a few others. Now that I have more time to create content hopefully this will become a more frequent thing.

I thought to kick it off I would share my summer makeup routine with you as every season this changes especially as I chop and change between products as my skin changes so much throughout the months. I don't ever really use lots of expensive brands for makeup as I feel as long as you have good makeup brushes and setting powder/ spray, it really doesn't matter what type of product you use!

Before any type of makeup, I always moisturise my skin. I have recently been using the Simple moisturiser as it is much lighter than the ones I would use in winter as my skin is not as dry when the summer months come around. I have also been loving the Superdrug Vitamin E spray to just spritz before bed or when I wake up. Not only does it smell amazing but it's also refreshing too. 

I always prime my face using the E.L.F Brightening Primer (in the purple packaging,) however I have currently run out resulting in this look having no primer (eek.)

After primer, I then go to the base of my face. I use the Revlon Colorstay foundation which is made for oily skin, meaning that not having a primer is not too bad for this look. I find in the summer I need to mix in some of the MUA colour drops to make it darker to suit my skin. This cost me around £3 and it is so good and doesn't change the formula of the foundation at all. I go very light with foundation and my skin is prone to making foundation look cakey no matter what I do/ use. I am also a fan of BB creams in the summer too as they are so light and also moisturising.
Once blended with the Zoeva Buffer Brush, a favourite foundation brush of mine, I then use the Maybelline FIT me concealer in a much darker shade under my eyes and for a bit of contour.  

I then set my face with the Collection Sheer Loose Powder which I have had for ages and which is one of the best loose powders I have used.

To contour, I use this little Hoola bronzer I got in a Birchbox box. I just use this around my nose and on my cheeks for a little bit of colour over the concealer. I may have to buy the full size one as I really enjoy the natural colour it has upon the skin.

To highlight, the MUA highlighter is one of my favourites because of the pinky colour which really brightens the face. I also put some vaseline on my cheekbones beforehand to really make the highlighter pop. 

To fill in my brows I use the NYX pomade in the 2nd to darkest shade. I feel it doesn't really matter
what I use as long as long as I use the MAC 203 brush. This has to be the best brush for eyebrows as it
is so easy to control and to define a shape.

 Using the first 3 colours, I use the Morphe M139 brush to blend out a natural eye look. I never really go heavy on my eyes, meaning I go for light more champagne colours on my eyes for summer.

 To finish off I then apply my mascara which is the Bourgous Volume Reveal radiant black mascara. This doesn't give you the longest lashes ever, but it really defines each lash and looks natural which I enjoy in the summer months. I then set with Make Up Revolution's setting spray for oily skin.

 So this is my finished look! I hope you have enjoyed reading and maybe even finding out about new products which you didn't know work/ existed. 

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.



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