Get To Know Me!

So I thought if I was going to start writing a blog again then I might as well post some personal information online for people to read. I hope you find these interesting if not comical and enjoy reading!

1. What is your full name?
My full name is Megan Ivy Parsons.
2. What is your favourite colour
If you have seen my Instagram recently you will have probably noticed a lot of red features.
3. Who was your first best friend?
My first best friend is actually still one of my best friends now, even though we drifted through secondary school we became very close again in Sixth Form. 
4. How tall are you?
I’m around 5ft 5 ( i think…)
5. Cats or Dogs?
DOGS!! I can’t explain how much I love dogs haha. I work in a tearoom and volunteer on a regular basis to go down to the ‘potwash’ room just so I can cuddle the dogs.
6.Funniest moment throughout School?
I have so many. Always find however that the best memories happened in summer when we would sit on the field. 
7. Countries you want to visit?
I want to go to Thailand to experience living in a Buddhist community more than anything. I also really want to travel to India to see the elephants. Different cultures excite me more than anything, but exploring Europe one day is definitely on my list too. 
8. Are you in/have you gone to college?
I am currently in year 13 at college/ sixth form. 
9. What was your favourite/worst subject in Secondary School?
Maths was always my worst subject. I remember having a teacher in year 7-9 who completely crushed my confidence and I don’t think I ever got it back. I spent year 10 and 11 working to get a C and thankfully I got it in the end! Although I hate to admit it, I couldn’t have done it without the nagging of the teachers. 
My favourite subject was probably IT!! I absolutely loved it and still miss doing it now.
10. What is your Favorite drink?
Alcoholic= Malibu and coke or rose wine
Soft= sparkling water <3333
11. What is your favourite animal?
12. What is your favourite perfume?
Ghost is probably the scent people know me for wearing but I love the Brittany Spears collection a lot too mostly because of how sweet they smell. 
13. Tea or Coffee?
Coffee, I hate tea.
14. What would you (or have you) name(d) your children?
Eliza and Levinia, (Lovie,) after my Granny and Great Auntie.

15. What Sports do you play/Have you played?
I used to play rugby.
16. What is your favourite book?
Agatha Christie’s ‘The Thirteen Problems’, but I really want to read ‘The Secret’ too.
17. Who are some of your favourite YouTubers?
Sophia and Cinzia, Patricia Bright, Samantha Maria, Lydia Elise Millen, Niomi Smart, Rebbecca Spencer (although she is more of a photographer)
18. What is your favourite movie?
My all-time favourite movie is probably Grease however at the moment The Greatest Showman is deffo up there. I am SUCH a musical girl and love Les Mis.
19. Are you Single or Taken?
20. Favourite memory from childhood?
Playing cricket in my grandparent’s field at the back of their pub. I don’t know how true my memory is but I just remember laughing and giggling and that makes me happy.
21. Do you speak any different languages and how well?
I can only speak English and I can’t even speak that very well at times lol
22. Do you have any siblings?
1 brother and 1 sister.
23. How would you describe your fashion sense?
I like to try and say I have a fashion sense, however, I do question it sometimes. I really enjoy simple clothing with one major eye-catching part to it, whether that be an accessory or a jacket or something. I do really enjoy boho fashion too and I think that type of clothing in summer makes me feel so comfortable and happy. I would do so much more with my fashion if I could afford to.
24. What is your favourite restaurant?
I don’t really eat out all much, however anywhere with a kebab and I’m willing.
25. What are some of your favourite tv shows?
Ahh so many!!
-The Vampire Diaries
-How I Met Your Mother
-Riverdale (although very far-fetched these days and cringe)
-Bojack Horseman
-Santa Clarita Diet is amazing!!
-Gossip Girl
-Ru Paul’s Drag Race
26. PC or Mac?
27. What phone do you have? (iOS v Android?)
Android because I can not deal with Iphone battery life.
28. Tell us one of your bad habits!
Biting my nails, so grim and I don’t even know I’m doing it half the time.
29. What subjects do you take at school?
I take Media, Photography and English Literature. I love them all, however, I am SO ready to never do any of them for a while.
30. Dream job?
I see myself doing something digitally creative in the future, however, I’m not sure. Any type of job which I enjoy and provides me with enough money to live on really.

SO I hope you enjoyed this post and got to know me, lol. 
Thank you for reading!! 



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