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Life Update: Moving Out of Home and Moving Into Uni

So, the time has come for me to finally move out of home and start a brand new and exciting adventure at uni. As I write this I am staring at boxes and bags, the contents of my room all stuffed into suitcases. Everything I could ever possibly need is here, including half of my parents kitchen and their slow cooker.

I can't quite express how I feel about finally moving out. Given that this time last year I wasn't even going to go to university, I think I have made some pretty big and important life decisions. Leaving home behind to start a fresh is exciting though. I have friends spreading across the whole of the UK, traveling to different countries and friends staying here at home. New adventures are to be had with new friends and I can't help but look optimistically at that.

Some of my main concerns for uni are:
1. Food. I am a good cook and can make an array of dishes to an edible standard, however, actually making these and sitting down to eat them is normally the issu…

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